1. An FAA sanctioned Aerobatic Practice Box is located 3 Statute miles due east of KAP. Extensive operations are occurring 7 days a week during daylight hours.

2. Pilots are advised that the dirt in some areas on the 17/35 asphalt runway edges is soft and could be hazardous to aircraft in the event of a runway excursion.  Pilots should use caution.  An excursion from the asphalt runway into the grass could catch a wheel in a rut. 

3. April Thru November: Common Area Maintenance operations (weeding, mowing, seeding, culvert cleaning, FOD walks, taxiway repair, etc.) may be taking place.  If you see maintenance taking place, please contact the maintenance team on CTAF 123.050.  If maintenance is ongoing and you are trying to depart, please contact the maintenance team prior to conducting your runup to give the maintenance team time to move to a safe location.  If you are arriving and the runway has not been closed to arrivals by NOTAM (typically the runway will be closed to arrivals during weeding or seeding since these activities take place on the runway edge), please contact the maintenance team on CTAF to let them know your intentions and so they can let you know when they and their equipment can be moved to a safe distance.

4. Pilots should be aware of taxiway maintenance starting on or about 5 June 2023 and continuing into July 2023.  Please use caution while taxiing until repairs can be completed.  Please stay clear of taxiway repair materials, construction workers and equipment.

5. Pilots be aware that Common Area mowing operations of the grass between the asphalt 17/35 runway and the taxiways will be taking place starting today 30 May 2023 and extending through Summer 2023.  When the work will take place is dependent on Grass Team’s availability and the weather.  If tractors are present, pilots should contact the Grass Team on CTAF 123.05 to make them aware of the Pilot’s intentions.  Pilots should exercise caution and stay clear of the equipment.